Sybyr – Just To Reek Havoc

Sybyr – Just To Reek Havoc

Sybyr Just To Reek Havoc Mp3 Download

Sybyr drops this impressive new song titled Sybyr Just To Reek Havoc Mp3 Download and there is a free music download mp3 below.

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Sybyr – Just To Reek Havoc Lyrics

(Calm down) Yeah, fuck
Yeah, fuck

We got tired of the talkin’, so we stompin’ in
Chimney on the dresser like the smoke is comin’ out the bitch
Bangin’ on the glass of the window, shootin’ in
Smashin’ all the tables in the store that we shoppin’ in
If that mean I can buy it, then don’t worry, we just poppin’ in
Dressin’ up like pretty bitches, I think that’s androgynous
You think that you tough ’cause you ain’t do this, that ain’t stoppin’ shit
Makin’ niggas sore on top of bloody with my fuckin’ wrist
Got a problem losin’, so I got no choice but win this shit

I ain’t play games growin’ up, not a game to me
Ballin’ like the basketball player Peter Jeffеrson
I barely remembеr what you said now that you mention it
X-Man storm me down, you’re missin’ all my references
How you gonna do that to the sisters? No respect for shit

How come Cleopatra was a white girl in The Exodus?
Tired of the movies when I made my own action flick
I’m grabbin’ a tissue, think I’m motherfuckin’ hella sick
Dogs barkin’ loud as fuck, you ever wanna kick the shit?
Gun shootin’ blanks, ever swap it out and pull the shit?
Life is like a puzzle with a muzzle, get a kick of it
Eating pork and beans— sike, throw that fuckin’ pork away
Wonder if the weather be like negative twenty-eight today

I remember when I used to dress all kinds of crazy ways
When I get more money, Hermès belt upon my fuckin’ waist
Had no fuckin’ job, I had to scrape the online way
NeoBux, ClixSense, PPD, and CPA
Ran it up with these fuckin’ beats on the display
Still the same nigga from the afterschool enchanted way
I ain’t got the drip, I got to spazzin’ with the fabrics
No time for the beef, that’s not really what they askin’
You made bitches freeze like they ice cream, Baskin
Can’t be your new wife, she gotta make somethin’ happen

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