SHOW ALL WORKINGS CHALLENGE: The #ShowAllWorkingsChallenge_Gburus is targeted at involving the populace to Access, Discover, and Confirm the Developmental Strides of His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi; The Executive Governor of Enugu State. Enough of the Fake News and misconception making the rounds that Gburu Gburu is not working. Our Governor is making Great Developmental Strides. Don’t just take my word for it, go confirm with the List; Join the Challenge and win Prizes up to One Million Naira.


The Challenge is simple for SHOW ALL WORKINGS CHALLENGE

1) Visit Rosocee MEDIA Page on Facebook as spelled; Like and Follow the Page.

2) Check out the List of the Great Works of the Enugu State Governor in a well-designed picture format courtesy of Special Focus.

3) Locate any of the Completed or Ongoing Projects around the State:

Take a Snapshot or a Picture of Projects (Roads, Agricultural, Health, Housing, Sports, Water, Empowerment Scheme, Workers’ Welfare- Testifies as you can write out Testimonials of Beneficiaries and any other Projects by His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Ugwuanyi).

4) Post the Snapshots/Pictures on your Facebook or Instagram Timeline:

using #ShowAllWorkingsChallenge_Gburus.

NOTE: It’s a Statewide Challenge, you may not need to travel, you can locate the Projects around you or ask a friend to snap the Projects in his/her location and forward to you for posting or you engage other methods in getting the Pictures of the Projects for Posting and generate as many likes as you can on Facebook and Instagram put together. If you can generate as many likes from one post that can win the challenge, that’s your own strategy. The most important thing is to get the Pictures of Gburu Gburu Projects any way you can and generate the Likes to win the Challenge.

5) Get your followers or friends to like your various Posts.

You can post raw pictures or do a photo grid on your phone or do a design, the most important thing here is using the HashTag- #ShowAllWorkingsChallenge_Gburus and the number of Likes you generated from your various posts put together across Facebook and Instagram put together.


6) The person with the Highest Number of Likes from various Posts put together across Facebook and Instagram, wins the #ShowAllWorkingsChallenge_Gburus.

Winner takes N500, 000 Cash Prize.
Runner Ups goes home with Phones and other exciting Prizes.


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