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Privacy Policy Tinoloaded

Dear viewer, welcome to our privacy policy page. We @tinoloaded.comĀ  have 100% commitment to ensuring that we keep you posted.


Over here, we know (understand) that at all times, your policy needs to be secured.

We recognize that because you have faith in us you are making use of our platform and because of that,

we will do anything possible to ensure that your privacy you have with us secure.

Privacy Policy Tinoloaded, what our team will do:

The workers will ensure that you are still safe at all times, because of the trust, you have in us.

So, here we promise never to save, Send or keep your personal information.

And information to ourselves and promise never to release, lease, sell or distribute your personal information & information to any person, business or company while ensuring that your privacy is definitely protected.

Information we collect from visitors.

  • First name and last name.
  • Visitor email address.
  • Two-line address (some times).
  • Website links.
  • Social media profile.

We only collect this information when readers want to drop comments and deal with us.

Also, we only collect this information to contact them for any purpose.

If you have any suggestions on this privacy policy, kindly drop your comment.