Major Reasons For Mass Failure in WAEC English Exam [2021 Review]

Every year, a large number of SSCE candidates fail the Waec English Language exam. Most of the time, this isn’t because they didn’t read well enough for the subject. In fact, poor reading habits, as well as poor writing, might result in a Waec Use of English failure.

I’ve written an article about how to pass the Waec exam. I’ve also included the reasons you might fail Waec and what you should do if you do. Unlike Jamb, Waec, or Neco’s success is determined by subjects. For instance, if you pass all of your other Waec subjects but fail Waec English, we can safely conclude that you failed Waec.

Almost every university and polytechnic in Nigeria requires you to pass the English Language Examination before you can be admitted. English is a Waec and Jamb subject that must be taken. This demonstrates how essential English is to you.

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The best thing you can do is make sure you pass all five key subjects. Mathematics, English, and three additional topics related to the topic you desire to pursue in school are considered core subjects in Waec. Relevant Waec Subjects can be found here. Continue reading Why Do Candidates Fail Waec English and What to Do in Waec 2021 to find out why candidates fail Waec English.

Unhealthy Reading Habit:
Ineffective Expression:
Punctuation is used incorrectly. Mark: Common English Spelling Mistakes:
More Writing Than Is Required:
Slow Writing: Ineffective Writing: Ineffective Writing: Ineffective Writing: Ineffective Writing:

1. Poor Reading Habits:

Poor reading habits lead to a lack of understanding of questions. The best method to flunk English in the Waec is to answer questions without first understanding them.

To widen your horizons and linguistic repertoire, read a lot of English questions and passages; before you tackle them, take the time to figure out what the questions are asking for.

Your understanding of Questions will be enhanced if you are familiar with the basic rules of English grammar. Don’t feel rushed to respond, and don’t rush to supply solutions. Relax and make certain you’re on the right track.

2. Bad Expression:

A lack of proper vocabulary to convey your views, erroneous analogies and concord, incorrect tenses, and poor use of conjunctions, prepositions, and articles will all negatively impact your Waec English; particularly your Waec English Essay/Theory.

Before submitting your script, go over it again to check for grammatical and spelling mistakes. If you are a sluggish writer, practice as many questions and Waec previous questions as you can before the exam date to increase your speed.

To improve your expression, become as familiar with as many terms as feasible. A solid understanding of parts of speech and figures of speech will help you express yourself more effectively.

3. Incorrect Punctuation:

Many people enjoy writing without using proper punctuation. Waec English is not like Whatsapp or Instagram, where you may say whatever you want. You will not receive a high score if you do not know where to put a full stop, comma, paragraph, quotation, semi-colon, and other punctuation marks.

Make sure you’re well-prepared for the exam. For improved comprehension, split down your Letter Writing, passages, or articles into paragraphs. Each paragraph must feature a fresh idea and appropriately punctuated. Where necessary, use a full stop, a comma, and other punctuation marks. Make sure your sentences are short and to the point.

4. English Spelling Mistakes:

Spelling errors have no bearing on multiple-choice questions (Objective). When it comes to Waec English theory, on the other hand, your spelling will be thoroughly scrutinized. If you make a spelling mistake, Waec will penalize you.

Frequently converse in basic, precise English. In the name of grammar, don’t write what you don’t know. Nobody is impressed by your “Amoebatic lexicon.” Use terms you can spell instead of seeming like a “ungrammatical lunatical fool.”

5. Writing More Than Is Necessary:

The term “oversabi” simply means “going beyond the point” (doing what you are not told just to impress). Many pupils write more words than they are expected to write. Some even go as far as to list twenty benefits when only five were required.

Some Waec candidates attempt more questions in Waec English than they are required to answer. You are disobeying the rules and will be punished.

Those marking Waec are not your housemates or your mates; simply follow the directions. Don’t write essays that are far shorter or longer than the word count requested. If Waec states, “in not more than 300 words,” don’t go beyond that limit (270 to 300 words is okay).

6. Poor Writing:

Many people fail Waec because of poor writing, not because they are stupid or don’t know what they’re doing. If the markings can’t see your wire well, they’ll presume you’re not writing anything.

When we can’t see a girl’s body, we can’t say she’s sexy. Make an effort to improve your writing. Even if your writing isn’t particularly attractive, make it visible to people who will be marking it.

Don’t over-cancel, and don’t over-paint your job (stroke out mistakes). Simply do everything you can to improve your writing so that it does not become a barrier to your achievement.

7. Slow Writing:

Examiners aren’t interested in whether or not you can answer all of the questions; they’re only interested in the answers you supply. When it comes to the Waec English Language, don’t go too fast to avoid making mistakes, and don’t go too slow to the point where you can’t write what you know down.

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