Joey Trap – Racks

Joey Trap Racks (Official Audio) MP3 DOWNLOAD.



Joey Trap Racks (Official Audio) MP3 DOWNLOAD.

Joey Trap unveiled another new single titled, “Racks” and you can download MP3 right here.


Above all download free MP3 Joey Trap – Racks Below: 👇



Joey Trap – Racks Lyrics

Traphouse Mob
Luca on the track

How you gon’ say you get money? You know that ain’t facts (Know that ain’t facts)
We in the booth getting [?] and I’m sitting here countin’ up stacks (Racks)
How you gon’ call that shit “Za”? You know that shit isn’t no pack (That’s mid)
I got your shorty on fire, she out her blowing her back (Her back)

I tell your shorty “Relax” (Woah)
Baby, I still got [?]
Make a bitch run a mile to flex (Run)
Woah, movin’
I was out trappin’, my nigga, the fuck is you doin’? (Fuck is you doin’?)
I’m with your shorty, she clappin’, you know that bitch steady be choosin’ (Clap)
When is you niggas gon’ pack it up ’cause you just steady be losin’? (Pack up)
I get why these pussies by actin’, it’s probably ’cause my life a movie (Movie), woah
I don’t talk to you, nigga, we bend blocks (Woah)

Y’all steady talk to the police, my nigga, y’all been opps
Ayy, you act like shorty a queen, but she is a big thot (Thot)
It ain’t holiday, we at your crib takin’ big shots (Boom, boom, boom)
She feel excited, I brought your new bitch to the trap spot (Trap spot)
You entertaining, my nigga, you pussies some mascots (Mascots)
Style, it took your shorty a while (Woo)
She fell in love with the sound (Huh?)

She fell in love ’cause I’m wild (Wild)
Wild (Wild), woah (Woah)
I get the money, you don’t (Nah)
I get the money and go (Huh?)
These niggas hate on the road (Road)
Pole (Woah), baow
We hit your face, body (Body)
Nigga was talkin’, he Rowdy
He get a clip if he doubt me (Grrrt)
Try me (Try), wildin’
Nigga, I feel like I’m Fivie (Fivie)
I got this big drip on me (Drip)
I got your shorty beside me (Drip), woah
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