Easier Way To Reduce Data Usage On Computer.

These days, computer owners now not use modem to browse because it’s step by step going extinct.

Few users which can be financially k employ wireless broadband like spectranet or smile, even as maximum customers subscribes on their cellphone and connects it to their system via wi-fi and hot-spot connection.

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Browsing on smartphone consumes less facts than browsing on the system and there are numerous cause for this.

Maximum instances, after connecting our smartphone internet to our laptops, by the point we open 2 or three pages on any browser, we find out that our lets say 600mb night time plan sub were decreased to 100mb or less.

That is very painful and this publish is made due to my non-public enjoy and stumble upon. if this has passed off to you, you will know what i imply.

Because of this issues, many laptop proprietors have determined no longer to ever browse on their gadget using their cellular records besides they connect with any unfastened public to be had wi-fi.


How to solve this issue.

To start with, we need to identify the trouble and the trouble is more often than not as a result of a specific settings at the machine that’s recognize as home windows updates.

This can be located within the update and restoration putting of your system.

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Visit your computer settings >> replace and recuperation on windows replace, pick pick how updates get set up.

A new web page will open, click the drop down menu and pick out “check for updates but allow me pick whether or not to down load and install them”

You could also select ” in no way test for updates” even though it is not advocated.

This settings you have got made will no longer allow apps updates to be downloading in the background whenever you join your cellular records.

Phone freezing

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