DEETRANADA – 222bars Mp3 Download

DEETRANADA – 222bars Mp3 Download
Mp3 Download DEETRANADA – 222bars



DEETRANADA – 222bars Mp3 Download

222bars by DEETRANADA mp3 download


Musical artist DEETRANADA releases new song titled “222bars” you can stream and download it here

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DEETRANADA – 222bars Lyrics

On my life on the sun and the moon I came out
With a boom the best in the room
At this very moment I know and I own it
I been in my zone feel the break coming soon
You feel the vibration if you quit the faking
You might just be able to become in tune
I ain’t perfect I ain’t come from a silver spoon
I grew up saw my family play round with a spoon
It’s a jungle out here this shit ain’t for the weak
This nigga tryn fly me out for a week

Power behind me head up when I speak
I ain’t stressing ain’t threatened at all by a tweet
I grew up had to unlearn a lot that I saw now
I look at thе problem however I see
It is what it is and it bе how it be how
It was ain’t affecting my future for me
That’s the art of protection the art of reflection
Accepting the bad and the balance respect it
Who ever still living in they own deception
Ain’t judging you baby one day you gon get it
I hear the talk I don’t let it affect me me

I live for myself don’t care if you accept me
I looked at shadows removed em I’m ready
Realized i’m too pretty to sit and be petty
You see the proof I don’t even gotta act hot
Do my work keep moving what’s the next stop
You ain’t gang please don’t try act shocked
Wasn’t with me sitting on the floor watching crashbox
Coming for the kid ion know that’s a bad shot
Really on the court you entertaining like a mascot
I see a moon and a moon see a fat Glock
Aimed at a troll and i’m not talking Xbox

Do you believe in magic
I couldn’t find it cause I already had it
It’s gon go however i plan it
Nada world universe this my planet
I don’t like ya energy ya mans prolly ratted
How do you mess up with the bands? man you had it
Came up hard off of a check then I cashed it
Better get ya head in the game like you madden
Blowing like propane more like kobain
Fast like i’m Usain Bolt

Valuable like cocaine doing what ya hoe ain’t
Going where ya ass can’t go
I could give a fuck about a no name
Ain’t giving no game nigga tryna ruin my mode
Turn this whole thing to a nightmare not playing fair
They be tryna act like they don’t know

Baby girl you gotta give lor room to breathe
So they keep up … mmm that don’t mean shit to me!
Nana 2.0 get with it or you leave
All my clothes prolly cost me a key
All my hoes always make sure I eat
It’s a lot I prolly said a couple y’all can’t repeat
Samurai dragon baby girl tatted in other words got a lot up my sleeve
I’m on with the cheese you riding a wave you be gone with the breeze
I never forget if you loyal to me

I promised my dawg when i’m on and he stay imma throw him a piece
Check the score the devil 0 and i’m 3
Heavy hands a nigga potent with these
Life on earth ain’t that important to me
It’s bigger shit my reign is storing for me

Fuck you forgot lil hoe
Fuck you forgot lil bitch

Fuck you forgot lil hoe
Fuck you forgot lil bitch

Nada world

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