Can Music Help people with Aphasia?

Can Music Help people with Aphasia

Can Music Help people with Aphasia?

Will Music Help people with Aphasia?: Can Music Support Aphasia people?

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What is the Disease of Aphasia?
Causes the disease Aphasia?
Can Music Support Aphasia people?
Does music help with language redirection?

What is Aphasia disease?

Aphasia is a neurological problem which restricts the ability to speak.

It is an impairment of language, affecting speech output or understanding and the ability to read or write.

Causes Aphasia disease?

According to, it happens more often due to brain damage from a stroke and particularly occurs in older people.

Brain injuries that result in aphasia, however, can also occur from head trauma, brain tumors or infections.

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What this suggests is that a person suffering from Aphasia can formulate thoughts in their minds, but they can’t just tell them out loud.

Although some speak fluently, they do not understand what others are saying to them.

They could sometimes react with something completely off subject, thinking that it made perfect sense

This kind of neurological injury will obviously affect the everyday life of a person.


Can Music Help people with Aphasia?

Wondering whether music would benefit Aphasia sufferers? Oh, it should!

Aphasia may be deadly and a little scary, but physiologists have luckily found an interesting way to tackle it.

They have found that it is easier for individuals with language deficiencies to express themselves by singing instead of talking.

There is a name for this approach and it is called Melodic Intonation Therapy.


Does music aid in rerouting language?

Yeah, yes it does!

Using Melodic Intonation Therapy moves language from methodical to imaginative.

This means you’re using another brain hemisphere,

Even if it doesn’t look, singing the words differently reroutes signals and avoids the damaged areas


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