Admission into University of Wolverhampton 2021

Admission into University of Wolverhampton 2021

Find the right course for you

The university offers many courses to choose from. Once you have an idea of ​​the subject area you want to study, you can take a look at the different courses that might interest you.

Choosing the right course for you is important and you should consider the following points:

Are you interested in the content of the course?
What professional opportunities do you have open?
Do you have the appropriate qualifications/skills for the course? (see course entry requirements)
On which campus is the course taught? Wolverhampton? Walsall?
Do you need to do any tests?
It can be helpful to seek the advice of other people. Talk to your friends or family to get their opinion on your decisions, or talk to a teacher or professional counselor for professional advice.

You will find links to the application on each page of the course.

Still not sure?
Visit one of our open house days and speak with the course leaders to get an idea of ​​what to expect from the course.

To discuss your options in more detail with an educational counseling advisor, contact the portal at (01902) 321032 or email [email protected]

Check the entry requirements

There are a number of ways you can show us that you have the right background and experience to take a college course.

To apply for a place at the university, you must meet the general requirements and additional requirements that are required in some courses, e.g. B. Interviews or tests.

In addition to academic achievements, we consider a wide range of experience and qualifications when reviewing your application. We also take into account your personal/professional experiences and successes, references, and interviews or evaluations.

Older applicants: instructions if you are over 21 and/or have extensive work experience
International entry requirements: for non-EU students
The UCAS rate
Most undergraduate courses require a certain number of UCAS fee points. These points are calculated on the basis of the grades obtained in certain degrees. Abitur and BTEC are worth a certain amount of points.

For more information, see the UCAS fee explanation or visit the UCAS website for more information.

Qualifications we consider

  • GCSE or equivalent to Key Skills
  • GCE AS / A levels
  • Access to higher education degrees
  • BTEC qualifications
  • National Professional Qualifications (NVQ)
  • Due to the high work-related content of an NVQ, they are generally not considered for entry into a separate course of study.

We look at NVQs from mature applicants who have a strong professional background in the field they want to study and who have literally learned from experience.

Someone with NVQ Level 3 could take a more practical course like an HND; We will review each application on its individual merits.

Advice and guidance

If you have other qualifications or relevant experience, please contact The Gateway for further advice before applying.

The UCAS fee explained

You will see that most of our courses require a certain number of UCAS fee points to attend.

At the University of Wolverhampton, we require certain minimum qualifications in lieu of UCAS fee points. However, the UCAS fee is a useful reference table, as you can see if your performance meets the qualification requirements for a particular course, where the requirement can be expressed in points. Covers A-Levels, AS-Levels, and BTEC qualifications, with new qualifications being added all the time. So if you have a rating that is not listed on our website, the UCAS fee will help you understand its equivalency.

Visit the UCAS rate to compare your qualifications.

With many of our non-professional courses (which are not externally accredited), don’t worry if your qualifications are not listed or your qualifications are insufficient. We can advise you and the offers are made based on your individual experience, and we can often offer you an alternative course if we cannot include it in your first choice.

Here’s a fare point calculator. Enter your grade and grade to get a rough idea of ​​how many points you have.

Additional information: entry requirements into University of Wolverhampton 2021

The University of Wolverhampton has always been a place of opportunity to enable students, regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances, to reach their potential and realize their career ambitions in partnership with a supportive community.

This additional information should be read in conjunction with the specific admission requirements for our courses listed in UCAS and the specific course entries on our website. If a Level 3 grade is not listed in the admission requirements, applicants and their advisors should contact the University’s Gateway team at [email protected] for further advice before applying.


In general, we expect all students to successfully complete GCSE or equivalent level study.

For individual courses, the minimum requirement for GCSE is specified in terms of grades and subjects (for most courses it is a C or 4 grade). The admissions team can be contacted at [email protected] or 01902 32 3505 for details on acceptable GCSE equivalencies (these may vary between courses).

AS levels

The university will continue its established practice of including AS results in meeting the bidding requirements if the subject was not also studied at level “A”.

A level

After careful consideration, we have decided that beginning in the 2017 cycle, our entry requirements and subsequent offers for A-level applicants will be expressed in degrees rather than the UCAS fee.

Standard A-level offerings require at least 2 completed A-levels, with the remaining requirement coming from other levels 3 qualifications. General Studies and Critical Thinking A-Levels are generally accepted unless specifically excluded from course enrollments individual.

BTEC qualifications

We are pleased to consider applicants who have successfully completed an appropriate BTEC Level 3 qualification and obtained sufficient qualifications to enter the first year of most undergraduate programs. If the additional study is required in addition to the BTEC qualification, this will be listed in the individual course requirements.

Access to the HE diploma

The university receives a significant number of applications from Access to HE students who subsequently perform well in their undergraduate studies, and details on how to enter our Access undergraduate programs for students are detailed in the individual entry requirements.

Other Level 3 Qualifications

We accept applications from applicants with Level 3 qualifications, including CACHE, Scottish Highers, Irish Highers, International Baccalaureate, and other relevant Level 3 qualifications.

These qualifications are considered acceptable on their own or in combination with A-Levels, BTECS, and other typical Level 3 qualifications.

Older applicants

We want to ensure that access to higher education is not limited to applicants presenting with traditional qualifications and/or experience.

We may be happy to consider other factors, such as work experience, non-standard qualifications, including work-based learning, rather than more conventional qualifications, such as professional courses, which may not be officially assessed or certified.

If necessary, we may ask these applicants to submit a written assignment and participate in an interview prior to submitting an offer.

How we make offers

We will generally bid based on applicants who meet or are expected to meet published entry requirements, including academic and non-academic requirements such as interviews and auditions.


Our standard practice is that we then verify the actual qualifications of applicants when we confirm in the summer and possibly accept those applicants for whom there is a gap between the offer made and the qualifications obtained.

If we are unable to make an offer to the applicant for the course they requested, we will make a suitable alternative offer that clearly states the reason for our decision.

If required, we can offer a place in our 4-year study programs that includes the first year of foundation for those who do not meet the admission requirements to enter the first year of study.

More information
For more information, please contact the admissions team on 01 902 32 3505 or [email protected]


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